SQLite: building from source on macOS

I've been playing around with Project Panama to explore building a simpler and lighter SQLite driver to use from Clojure. This required downloading and compiling SQlite from source for macOS/OS X.

Turns out this is increadibly straightforward!

1. Download SQLite source

Download the latest SQLite C source code as an amalgamation.

Unzip the amalgamation.zip:

unzip sqlite-amalgamation-3420000.zip

2. Compile SQLite

Navigate into the unzipped folder:

cd  sqlite-amalgamation-3420000

Compile the sqlite3.c file using gcc:

gcc shell.c sqlite3.c -lpthread -ldl -lm -o sqlite3

3. Profit

You'll find the sqlite3 executable in the directory where you ran gcc (in out case the unzipped folder).